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Mediation & Collaborative Law

Mediation & Collaborative Law


MEDIATION: Mediation is a less expensive way for couples to settle the issues of their marriage and/or for developing a parenting plan for their children. The parties talk with each other, rather than through attorneys, and this direct communication helps them reach agreements in less time and with less cost. A mediator is a neutral person who does not determine who is "right" or "wrong" and does not make any decisions for the parties.

Attorney Regina Ward is a certified Family Court Mediator and you can rely on her experience to help you tailor a personalized agreement. She will work with both parties to reach a fair and reasonable agreement.

As your mediator, Regina Ward will help facilitate an agreement between the parties on issues such as child custody, support and visitation as well as division of assets/debts and payment of support. Each person may or may not have his/her own attorney present at mediation. Call Attorney Regina Ward to help you mediate an agreement and avoid costly litigation.

COLLABORATIVE LAW DIVORCE: Traditional methods of separation and divorce can cause severe emotional crisis for the entire family and damage work, finances, school and family relationships. There are better ways to divorce.

Collaborative divorce is an alternative method which allows you to avoid a court battle and creates an environment which facilitates fair agreements between the parties. The main focus is on resolving issues through cooperation. The parties and their collaborative law attorneys sign a participation agreement which requires everyone to agree that they will not file a contested divorce lawsuit.

Some of the key features of the collaborative divorce process is:

  • All efforts will be made to avoid court and reach a fair divorce agreement.
  • Each party will openly exchange information and strive to reach an agreement.
  • If experts are necessary, the parties will use the same neutral experts; this saves money.

Call Myrtle Beach Divorce Attorney Regina Ward, a Collaborative Law Divorce Attorney, who can assist you in the collaborative divorce process.