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Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Whether you are a father or mother, you have rights to your children and you have obligations to your children. Most every parent wants what is in the best interests of their children but often the fight between the parents gets in the way. The laws of South Carolina provide that parents have equal rights to their children unless they are found to be unfit.

If you have been denied access to your children you need to contact Attorney Regina Ward immediately to secure your visitation rights. If you have custody of your children and have not received any child support for them you need to contact Attorney Regina Ward to find out how to begin receiving financial support, health care insurance, and contribution for uncovered medical costs. No matter what happens between the parents, the children should be protected as much as possible both emotionally and financially.

Call Myrtle Beach Divorce Attorney Regina Ward today to schedule a low cost consultation to find out your parental rights.