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CDV & Assaults


In almost every incident where there is a domestic dispute, one or both of the parties end up in jail and charged with CDV. There are other times when confrontations happen and get out of hand and someone is ultimately charged with assault and battery. If you have been charged with CDV or an assault crime, Ward Law Firm offers FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATIONS. Conviction for CDV or assault can potentially mean a significant loss of your rights including the following:

  • Restraining Orders preventing you from seeing your loved ones and children.
  • Being put out of your home; possibly required to take anger management classes.
  • Prevented from carrying firearms – including guns used for hunting.

Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Regina Ward fights to have charges dismissed or reduced based on a lack of evidence or a defect in police procedure. In addition, the underlying behavior which caused the arrest will be investigated and evaluated to see if defenses such as self-defense, provocation, defense of another, or any other applicable defense may apply to your case.

Call Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Regina Ward today to schedule a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION and find out where you stand concerning your arrest.